making plans,
words & sounds
in Dunedin NZ

Somewhere in the middle of co-leading Student Soul, drumming with Black Boy Peaches, studying at KCML, and actually having a life and people to care about, Tom continues to be a real human person.


on the move / new horizon (poem)

into the far country we travelled, driven by spirit chastened by the curling optimism of generations past but holding to the hope of a love like no other migration searching for life in the face of the unknown, an indication of possibility in the face of adversary, an endeavour of hope born of desperation, or… desire catalyst, dreamer builder, seeker we are a people on the move. driven by spirit, ...
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friday (poem)

dude it's the morning life is hope yet the carnage flies / caffeine nation rebellion, for a greater one hold together the heart before you leap and don't forget that in the end we're all human / truth a light shining in the darkness piercing the black a kalaidescope of love / scope the future vibrant with memory deep opportunity amidst a pulsating path of pain / dude, it's friday ...
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