hang on
in there

making plans,
words & sounds
in Dunedin NZ

Somewhere in the middle of co-leading Student Soul, drumming with Black Boy Peaches, studying at KCML, and actually have a life and people to care about, Tom continues to be a real human person.


Screaming blues

I'm watching guitar videos. Technique, tricks (just a few of them) and the launch into freedom. I watch these players and they're screaming. That is when music is on fire, once you stop thinking and get out of your head, and let it come on out! Somewhere in thenre the chaos gets out of the way and something within you starts to speak properly. Music is more like some primal ...
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Genesis, and Freedom (part 4)

Embodiment: Being Formed In the beginning, God spoke with commanding intent. As he did so, all-that-is came into being. Through the repeating refrain, "God said... and it was," the creative, rhythmic, breath of God is made the center and focus of this creation account. We tend to think that we just need to know stuff to live right. But that's not true. Knowledge doesn't affect living until it becomes internalised ...
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