making plans,
words & sounds
in Dunedin NZ

Somewhere in the middle of co-leading Student Soul, drumming with Black Boy Peaches, studying at KCML, and actually having a life and people to care about, Tom continues to be a real human person.


visual journal: torn / driven / time

A visual journal entry: sketching links, ideas and musings from Mark's gospel, 1:8-15 ...
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when one is surviving barely hardly possibly only just surviving when anger swims around the edges smouldering like the haze of the firesky heated and dominating blurring the realms of reason and reality when, frustratedone turns left ways and right wayslooking for any way to moveany path to turnjust a chance to breathejust a grasp at freedom well.sometimesjust to float is to win to rest in a dangerous placeto swim ...
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