The Courage to Build a Fantastic Culture

Fortitude (courage in great difficulty) is needed to shape a healthy, flourishing, God-honouring culture.

You’ll need to communicate consistently, and clearly. You’ll have to make difficult apologies. You’ll be involved in tough situations and tricky conversations.

This isn’t something to be delegated. Do you want to be defined by generosity? Live generously! Or, by Christ-like attitudes (humility and sacrifice, eg. Philippians 2:5-8)? Model those attitudes! Would you like an encouraging culture? Encourage! Deal swiftly with anything that works against the culture you’re creating.

Some people are culture-builders; some are culture-busters. You must help people take ownership of your culture, and not be afraid of making a tough call when needed…

How healthy is your team culture?

Adapted from “The Courage That Leadership Requires” by Bill Hybels at the Global Leadership Summit 2013. Part 4.

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