Month: December 2014

Consider The Ant

Some observations about ants:

a. They are consistent and diligent at searching

b. They are not systematic

c. Their movements are a sort of fast-chaos

d. The speed and determination of an ant makes up for the apparent lack of sure-fire plan

e. It’s a numbers game

f. They don’t mind crashing into each other

g. There’s no despair in a fruitless search, nor ecstasy with a big score

Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise.

Building Things

We build things so that the world outside becomes like the world we long for on the inside.

People and situations change, but built-things don’t, not very easily.

So people build something that they fit perfectly into. And then they change, or somebody else does. Then they don’t fit, or the built-thing doesn’t fit, or something.

So when people or the times are wrecking havoc on whatever-the-built-thing-is (I’m trying really hard not to say ‘organisation’), they are actually wrecking havoc on the person who built it. If it doesn’t work any more, and it was designed to fit you perfectly, does that mean you don’t work anymore?

So rules of thumb for builders: only build something that you are prepared to give away. In fact, build it to fit other people, not yourself.