friday (poem)

it’s the morning
life is hope
yet the carnage flies /

caffeine nation
rebellion, for a greater one
hold together the heart before you leap
and don’t forget that in the end
we’re all human /

a light shining in the darkness
piercing the black
a kalaidescope of love /

the future vibrant with memory
deep opportunity
amidst a pulsating path of pain /

dude, it’s friday

What’s in a word?

“In the beginning was the Word”

At the dawn and before the dawn… was the Beginning that had no beginning. This is the intro to the Gospel according to John, a portrait of the life of Jesus.

This phrase mirrors the beginning of the epic Hebrew poetry of Genesis 1. So when we hear ‘Word,’ it’s a “you had to be there” kind of moment.

To refresh that, let’s have a peek at Genesis 1. What do we get to see?

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Screaming blues

I’m watching guitar videos.

Technique, tricks (just a few of them) and the launch into freedom. I watch these players and they’re screaming. That is when music is on fire, once you stop thinking and get out of your head, and let it come on out! Somewhere in there the chaos gets out of the way and something within you starts to speak properly.

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