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Somewhere in the middle of co-leading Student Soul, drumming with Black Boy Peaches, studying at KCML, and actually having a life and people to care about, Tom continues to be a real human person.


5 Signs of Health in Organisational Life

Photo by Jorge Zapata on Unsplash 1. Innovation is loved Innovation is prioritised, championed and made space for. This requires recognising those with a pioneer instinct and releasing and resourcing them to go for it. It also requires moving swiftly to identify blocks to innovation before the water gets stagnant. In effect this requires the center giving away power to the edge so that the edge can feed new life ...
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Navigating the technical & the transformational

So… There are the questions of the day, and the questions of the age. Which ones are you asking? Questions of the day – for me Photo by Ilkka Kärkkäinen on Unsplash For me, I’m always tempted by the questions of the day. For me, these become related to technical questions, production questions, questions of process & distribution. These are the areas that when I am under pressure, or have ...
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