making plans,
words & sounds
in Dunedin NZ

Somewhere in the middle of co-leading Student Soul, drumming with Black Boy Peaches, studying at KCML, and actually having a life and people to care about, Tom continues to be a real human person.


discipleship & vocation.

(journal notes 27.11.20) discipleship is related to vocation. spiritual formation is related to these. both discipleship (the process of becoming like jesus) and vocation (the specific way that each person inhabits the call to follow jesus), are related, probably being fundamentally the same as one another, perhaps just looking into the same room from slightly different angle or maybe more interlinked (a called learner), or perhaps vocation and calling is ...
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some definitions / invitation to a journey

journal reflections 26.11.20 Discipleship discipleship, mathetes, means learner. someone who learns the way of jesus. someone who orientated the whole of their life toward Jesus in loving obedience and willing service.discipleship: serving jesus through loving obedience Spiritual formation ...
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