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Tom Mepham

hope, freedom & love


Tom Mepham is an seasoned musician, songwriter, and producer, known for his energetic rock and pop originals. With a musical narrative deeply rooted in the themes of hope, freedom, and love, Tom’s two decades of experience in music has sculpted a rich portfolio of solo and collaborative projects (Spotify playlist). His live performances are well-received, characterised by an engaging stage presence that uplifts and brings people together.

Notable works include his recent single “Can’t Get Enough of You” and its subsequent “Can’t Get Enough of Remixes” project (2023), plus collaborative tracks “Miles” (2021) with Tommo & Hooke, “Diamonds” (2016) with Black Boy Peaches, and “Our Secret Garden of Space” (2008) by Mephymology. Beyond the limelight, Tom harbours a passion for nurturing budding talents, demonstrated in his leadership role in Student Soul Worship’s project “Haere Mai Matou”.

Tom and his revolving band of musical misfits are ready to hit the stage, primed to deliver memorable & electrifying performances that lift the eyes and put hope back on the agenda.