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Be Not Afraid

If we weren’t afraid, we could live up to the high calling we’ve received… but all too often we fake it. If we weren’t afraid, we could help others live up to the high calling they’ve received… but all to often we simply pull others down.

Don’t be afraid: be honestly, truthfully, daringly yourself! Don’t be afraid: be strong, be different, be outrageous… and build other people up!

We can choose to see people differently. Not just who they are now, but who they could be! Choose to see the potential in others and treat them accordingly.  An example (from Matthew 16:18) of Jesus speaking to Simon: “You are Peter, a rock”. Jesus sees him as he will be, and speaks this truth into his life.

Don’t be afraid, but choose the different path of speaking life to those around you. Speak into people’s potential and not their failures, and you will blow their socks off!

Adapted from the “Love Takes Action” talk by Bob Goff at the Global Leadership Summit 2013. Part 4.

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