Conditions For Convergence

What conditions must come together for the dream team to spark, for the wind to change, so that it’s your time to shine, so that the stars come into alignment?

We all work towards things that we hope will grow, mature, strengthen.

These are some partial thoughts about what things need to conincide for that explosive moment when it all seems to come together.

“But if not…”

A certain kind of self-assurance and a commitment to a quantifiable course of action. As per Daniel 3:16-18, a bold mixture of passionate conviction and humble defiance is the recipe for placing an imprint on reality.

Taking a stand… refusing to compromise… and living with relentless consistency.


A dangerous, unstable environment that calls out verge-action; external pressure that makes great demands upon us, and leads to risk, adventure and courage.

Forced interaction of different elements, cross-pollination… Anti-self-sufficiency, sacrificial dependence…. And an openness to new ideas, concepts & experiences.

The Cause

Is infused through our stories, songs, gatherings, names… and through all of life. Calls out a contagious vibrancy & passion from deep within us. Give us something that is demanding: “This will take everything we’ve got.”

Mobilises righteous anger & youthful optimism… and fuels the fires of the revolution ( /reformation/renewal/realignment).


A fierce pursuit of minimals … our requirements for survival, and no more. Fighting against certainty (“I already know the way things are”). Resisting the ever-present need for comfort and for settling.

Pursuing the frontier (where true reality lies and where we discover the way things actually are).

I found this in my draft box from 2016 and decided just to press play (5+ years later). I think I had grand ambitions for the post, but i’ll just let it sit as it 👍

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