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on the move / new horizon (poem)

into the far country we travelled,
driven by spirit

chastened by the curling optimism
of generations past
but holding to the hope
of a love like no other


searching for life
in the face of the unknown,
an indication of possibility
in the face of adversary,
an endeavour of hope
born of desperation, or…

catalyst, dreamer
builder, seeker
we are a people
on the move.
driven by spirit,
into the far country

and here we are.

these streets,
these pathways,
the cloudy hilltops
the rugged valleys…
this has become
our place.


it was sea
that brought us here
and it is the waves
that I dream of still. home
is a dangerously


so may this whenua be a place that sets people free
may the breath that carried us here fill the sails of generations to come
and may all our journeys arouse new swathes of determination

as we turn our gaze
to the new horizon


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