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Screaming blues

I’m watching guitar videos.

Technique, tricks (just a few of them) and the launch into freedom. I watch these players and they’re screaming. That is when music is on fire, once you stop thinking and get out of your head, and let it come on out! Somewhere in there the chaos gets out of the way and something within you starts to speak properly.

Music is more like some primal expression than language. Words are in there, and sure it is COMMUNICATION! But when you are listening to someone take it home, it’s closer to a mystical experience than anything else.

You can’t get away from letting stuff in (and there’s plenty INCOMING), I’m not advocating stop reading, stop listening or consuming. But it’s so easy to get the balance wrong. For every book read, I probably at least need to give the same amount of energy to output something. Not necessarily for you, but for me at the least.

Stop thinking and practicing and start screaming!

(John Mayer & Keith Urban live / link stopped working :(| Lead guitar solo technique)

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