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Introverts and Extroverts

This post is dubious at best. But I won’t delete it yet…
Introverts live in an internal world. They need to shape the world around them in such a way that they can interact with others authentically (according to who they are on the inside). Some examples:
  • An introverted thinker may express their ideas in writing and public speaking, shaping life so that their work can be published and presented (their portals into the outside-world)
  • An introverted leader first forms their beliefs and values, and then expresses these convictions by serving others through some sort of people-organisation or mission (their portals into the world)

Introverts shape life so that their inside-reality has the highest likelihood of shaping their outside-reality (other people, and life generally). The introvert wants ‘good resonance’ between their inner and outside realities.

(this is purely speculation)
Extroverts are energised by the external world. Their interactions with those around informs and shapes their inner-world. Examples of this, as a contrast:
  • An extroverted thinker develops their ideas in conversation and public speaking (portals into their inside-world), which shapes their inner reality. This again equips them to share their (refined) ideas and understanding with others
  • An extroverted leader first embraces people, rallying them into some sort of people-organisation or mission (which are portals into their inside-world). From here they are forced to clarify and develop their beliefs and values, thus gaining greater understanding of how their organisation or mission can move forward.

The extrovert wants… well, I’m not exactly sure about what the extrovert wants, actually.

The end.