Sometimes this is a place for blog posts. You know, the way they used to be. Reflections-on-the-run. Sometimes I use this place to write longer pieces on as well. And it’s entirely likely that you will find semi-coherant journal extracts thrown in the mix. Those ones might be my favourite. Enjoy!

What’s in a word?

“In the beginning was the Word” At the dawn and before the dawn… was the Beginning that had no beginning. This is the intro to the Gospel according to John, a portrait of the life of Jesus. This phrase mirrors the beginning of the epic Hebrew poetry of Genesis 1. So when we hear ‘Word,’ […]

Screaming blues

I’m watching guitar videos. Technique, tricks (just a few of them) and the launch into freedom. I watch these players and they’re screaming. That is when music is on fire, once you stop thinking and get out of your head, and let it come on out! Somewhere in there the chaos gets out of the […]

Genesis, and Freedom (part 4)

Embodiment: Being Formed In the beginning, God spoke with commanding intent. As he did so, all-that-is came into being. Through the repeating refrain, “God said… and it was,” the creative, rhythmic, breath of God is made the center and focus of this creation account.

Genesis, and Freedom (part 3)

Ethic: A Way of Life [See Part 1 and Part 2] A free life is the calling and birthright of humans. This right is given to us by God, who created us freely. But it’s harder than you think. To live out our freedom-identity, we need some kind of road map, we need a way […]

Genesis, and Freedom (part 2)

Identity: What does it mean to be human? [See Part 1] Humans are created to be free; freedom is at the core of our identity. However, as outrageous a claim as it might seem, we do not and cannot orchestrate our own freedom. Freedom is a question that leads us in the first place to God […]

Genesis 1, and Freedom (part 1)

“Only the one who obeys a rhythm greater than their own is truly free,” claimed Nikos Kanzantakis (my paraphrase). Freedom, one of history’s great rally-cries, is positioned here in terms of ‘obedience’. Certainly, this is contrary to the common conception of freedom.

Isaiah 58 (in Tom’s words)

[An instruction for Isaiah] With everything you’ve got, shout! Use your voice and use it loud, your sledgehammer words to hold them in their tracks. Confront the rebellion and resistance of my people, the house of Jacob. This has to be a hard word. [The diagnosis] Day after day they seek me, supposedly aligning themselves […]

5Q – Alan Hirsch [Book Review]

Fresh language goes hand-in-hand with fresh thinking. By allowing fresh thoughts to become infused through life in rhythms, practices and habits, space can be made for sustained change. Alan Hirsch has been consistent in his task to prod the church toward fresh thinking. 5Q is his most recent book, and in it he makes a broad case […]

A New Vitality

This is a call for release… Release from a captivity of imagination. Not a call to forsake true identity; a call to take it up! Ain’t no need to whitewash skill or experience; it’s time to tether these to a new way. This is a word with intent, determined to call forth hope. A word to look and see what […]



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