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Sometimes this is a place for blog posts. You know, the way they used to be. Reflections-on-the-run. Sometimes I use this place to write longer pieces on as well. And it’s entirely likely that you will find semi-coherant journal extracts thrown in the mix. Those ones might be my favourite. Enjoy!

Ridiculously In Charge

Dr. Henry Cloud starts his talk on Reversing the Death Spiral of a Leader with a story of a family business, involving a father-boss and a son-employee. Unfortunately, at some point the son makes a momentous stuff up, and his dad fires him. Or at least his boss does. Immediately afterwards, dad changes tack: “I hear […]

Systems & Chaos Artist Linnea Spransy sharing for 3 minutes on the importance of limitation in art. There’s also a neat book called Chaos: Making A New Science which dives much deeper into some elements of this talk, tracing the development of the chaos theory. It contains firstly stories of the people involved and how they chased after or stumbled […]


In life, good intent can do well enough… but it’s not until we deeply connect with others that true change really takes place. (Goff illustrates this point by telling a story of a Ugandan criminal he worked with who experienced stunning and transforming forgiveness, and the powerful changes that resulted.) Forgiveness – the saying here would […]

Say Yes

Do you want have power in your leadership and life? If so, learn to say “Yes”. OK sure – don’t say yes to everything! But do ask yourself: “What matters the most?” Say Yes to that. When you say Yes to some things, you’re also saying No to others. Goff makes a habit of quitting something […]

Be Not Afraid

If we weren’t afraid, we could live up to the high calling we’ve received… but all too often we fake it. If we weren’t afraid, we could help others live up to the high calling they’ve received… but all to often we simply pull others down. Don’t be afraid: be honestly, truthfully, daringly yourself! Don’t be […]

Land the Plane

For real growth, embrace (or give) real responsibility. We learn when we’re stretched to our limits (and beyond), and failing is part of the process. Leaders can provide the environment and support for safe risks (what Tim from Endeavor Movement calls “falling forward”), but we must allow room for a real victory. Or a real […]

Let Leadership Develop

The leadership gift takes time to develop… kind of like a photo from a polaroid camera. Objects start to develop slowly; you can make out an outline, a face, a smile. With time, the picture gets stronger, and at a certain point it reaches completion. This truth has a nice parallel to the Christian hope […]

Do Stuff

This is how we know what love is: Jesus laid down his life for us, and so we ought to do for our brothers and sisters… Let’s not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. (Paraphrase from 1 John 3:16-18) Love God… love people…. and do stuff! We make a difference that counts […]



Thanks for checking out this page + the writing, thinking & praying it represents. I hope it’s been a good ride! If you have something to say or something to ask, don’t hesitate to reach out.

In particular, I’m open to exploring possibilities like:

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  • And if you simply want to say hi and connect, that’s epic, let’s go :)