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discipleship & vocation.

(journal notes 27.11.20)

  • discipleship is related to vocation. spiritual formation is related to these. both discipleship (the process of becoming like jesus) and vocation (the specific way that each person inhabits the call to follow jesus), are related, probably being fundamentally the same as one another, perhaps just looking into the same room from slightly different angle or maybe more interlinked (a called learner), or perhaps vocation and calling is the bigger landing… the calling from God comes first and discipleship is what one is called to.
  • vocation is certainly related to apest, these are vocational callings. but not appreciated everywhere. for the sake of being understood in reformed context and also with ecumenical understandings of vocation, perhaps use that upstream of the fivefold language

and again

  • maybe the best way to think of disciple making is to describe the intentional process we undertake in inviting and forming people on the journey to follow Jesus. discipleship is us sharing in the disciplines of faith.
  • apest is not so much a process as a rich and inviting framework that invites us to imagine and live out a more particular way of living in this world and sharing in the ministry of Christ. vocation is responding uniquely to the call of christ within the particular limits and restrictions from within which we meet the divine call and commands.
  • discipleship is “the one hope to which you are called.”
  • disciple making is the pathways, practices, and process we use to help people to grow in that.
  • vocation is an utterly unique and personal way of inhabiting the call of God from the actual realities of each persons life, expressed invitingly as a way to participate in the ministry of christ through apest shaped word ministries, that is being a servant whose ministry shapes the world and neighbourhood and beyond

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