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some definitions / invitation to a journey

journal reflections 26.11.20


  • discipleship, mathetes, means learner. someone who learns the way of jesus. someone who orientated the whole of their life toward Jesus in loving obedience and willing service.
    • discipleship: serving jesus through loving obedience

Spiritual formation

  • spiritual formation. spirit is nooma. or ruach. being formed in the ways of spirit. one part of this means an attentiveness (in contrast to our secularised culture) to the presence, sustaining activity of God in the world, to intertwined nature of reality between earth and heaven, creation dripping with majesty. let’s call this the wildness of love. and it’s about awareness of that in the world – external to me. my observations. and then there is the ways of the spirit that take shape, do reshaping and refining work within me, and which bear fruit.
    • spiritual formation: being formed as an act of loving service to God, as a way to accept and receive the gift of faith, toward fullness of life for the sake of the world. (your health is a mission priority)


  • then there is leadership. to lead is to serve. leadership is taking responsibility for a particular area of life where there is need, and using the resources and potentials available to you to create an outcome that serves the good of others, that abides within a framework of ethical best practice, and which invites people.
    • leadership: serving others by providing encouragement, direction, structure, vision, support, safety, and a that is needed to nurture a thriving environment.


  • to evangelise, euangelion, to bear good news in service to another.
    • evangelism: serving someone, with extreme humility, by offering a demonstration of love, kindness, quiet confidence in Christ, and the invitation to a journey.

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